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Stop the Struggle and Make Reading Fun

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Your Child is Smart, but Reading is Tough

You sit down patiently with your child and tell them to sound out the word. 

You watch your child sound out letters and try to blend them together and it is painful to listen to.



You encourage them to put the word together, but there seems to be a missing step because it doesn’t seem to be working.  Maybe they finally figure out a word, but then later on they have to sound it out again. 


Or, maybe your child sounds great when reading.  Then you ask what your child just read and they say, “I don’t know.”  You wonder, how could you sound so good, but have no idea what you just read.


You Follow

Other People's Advice

You buy apps that will help your child, programs like Hooked on Phonics or ABC Mouse, but nothing seems to help.  Now you are looking for a hooked-on phonics alternative.


Your child may even be in an intervention at school, but nothing seems to be working.  Or worse yet, your child doesn’t qualify for intervention because they aren’t as bad as the other kids.


You listen to the advice about reading at home with your child for 30-60 minutes a night, but the experience is just painful.  You feel like you have done everything you know how to do, and it doesn’t seem to be working. 


You may remember how easy reading came for you or how hard it was for you.  Either way, you can’t remember how you learned to read. 

Are you stuck in the nightly argument about your child getting their reading done? 


Perhaps you have given up because the arguing is just too much. 


You may have tried other tutors before, but they didn’t seem to get results, and you fear that your child is going to struggle with reading forever.

You may wonder if your child has dyslexia and if this could be the reason your child struggles. 


Hi, I'm Joanne Kaminski
I've Got Your Back and I can Help

Growing up, I was a struggling reader.  I was not allowed to take a foreign language and was denied honors classes because teachers didn’t think I was smart enough for them.

In fact, I didn’t know how smart I was until I graduated from high school tenth in my class.  I went on to Marquette University to become a teacher and graduated Cum Laude.  Then when I got my masters as a Reading Specialist, I had a perfect 4.0. 

This is how I know that kids that struggle with reading can learn to read.  I was the kid that struggled with reading. 

Today I have helped kids who can’t read Dick and Jane books master Harry Potter books with full comprehension. 

I don’t allow a curriculum to determine what I teach.  Instead, I use an assessment called the QRI-7 to figure out where your child’s gaps are, and I fill them in, allowing a strong foundation to be built.  I quickly begin to increase the difficulty of what my students read while giving proper instruction and support. 

I have been tutoring online since 2010, and as soon as I moved online, I learned that I could close the gap a full year for most kids with 12 hours of instruction.  Some kids progress faster, and some kids with severe dyslexia or short-term memory difficulties take longer.  Using this system allows your child to spend less time tutoring and frees them to be involved in their extracurricular activities like soccer, football, horseback riding, and dance instead of having to do tutoring 4-5 days a week like some programs expect.

But, no matter what…

Every kid I have worked with has learned to read.  It is time for your child to skip the line in reading and realize their true potential.  Your child is smart enough; that is not the issue.  Your child just needs someone who can teach them in a way that works. 

Are you looking to see if your child could be a good fit to work with me?  Fill out this form and tell me what your child is struggling with in reading today.

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Nicole Escobar
Academic Coach

My daughter improved 2 grade levels in less than 6 months.


Kris Hable

Our last assessment showed a 20 point increase on standardized tests. This was noted as one of the largest individual improvements in the district. The tutoring was well worth the time, money and effort. I hold Joanne's work in high regard and I truly appreciate what she has done for my daughter.


Lori Deal

My son's results in working with Joanne speak volumes. He improved a full grade level in reading over the summer, but most importantly, he is a more confident, happy reader. He no longer dreads reading, and he is exhuberant after his tutoring sessions. Joanne's ability to connect with children really shines through when a child like mine goes from hating reading to loving it!

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