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How long will my child need tutoring?

This answer is going to vary based on a couple of factors.


1.       Learning speed

2.       Dyslexia

3.       Consistency


I am able to close a 12 month reading gap with only 8 to 12 hours of instruction. 


So if your child is two years behind and you schedule one-hour sessions each week, your child will be at grade level in six months.  If you choose to do two hours of tutoring a week, then it will take only three months. 


This schedule varies if your child has dyslexia, because it depends on the severity of the dyslexia which can range from mild to severe.


Other factors which can affect quick progress is learning speed.  Some kids just need more repetition than others. 


In these cases it may take a bit longer, but not too much.


Another factor is consistency. 


Sometimes life gets in the way of students being able to show up for their tutoring sessions. 


If students miss too many sessions, then it becomes harder to close the gap. 


The more consistent we both are, the better results your child gets.

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