What are your Tutoring Rates?

My tutoring rates are $75 per hour. 


My credentials and experience have shown that this is a reasonable rate to charge. 


I am like a doctor for reading.  


I am able to find out what areas your child struggles with and close the gap in that area. 


If you are looking for the quickest and most effective solution available, I am the best option. 


My efficiency in closing the reading gap for children means I am ultimately one of the cheapest available options as well. 


Sylvan tutoring centers claim that they can close the reading gap a full year with 36 hours of instruction. 


They charge $50 an hour. 


In the end that costs $1,800 to close the gap one year. 


With me, it would only cost $600 to close the gap a full year. 


Even though Sylvan charges less per hour, it is going to take them three times the amount that it will take me.   

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