What are your Tutoring Rates?

My tutoring rates are $100 per hour. 


My credentials and experience have shown that this is a reasonable rate to charge. 


I am like a doctor for reading.  


I am able to find out what areas your child struggles with and close the gap in that area. 


If you are looking for the quickest and most effective solution available, I am the best option. 


My efficiency in closing the reading gap for children means I am ultimately one of the cheapest available options as well. 


Sylvan tutoring centers claim that they can close the reading gap a full year with 36 hours of instruction. 


They charge $50 an hour. 


In the end that costs $1,800 to close the gap one year. 


With me, it would only cost $800 to close the gap a full year. 


Even though Sylvan charges less per hour, it is going to take them three times the amount that it will take me.   

But not only that, I also give you some free tools that other companies will not give you.

You will get books right at your child's reading level.  As your child progresses you will be able to

have books that are just right.  This is a total value of $200 absolutely free.  


I also give a free assessment.  Most Reading Specialists charge between $200 to $500 and I throw this in for free as well.  To claim your free reading assessment 👇👇👇click the button.