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ABOUT Joanne Kaminski


My name is Joanne Kaminski and I have worked with 100's of students with closing the reading gap.



 I started off teaching in the school system in 2000 in an inner school in Milwaukee.


After 3 years I got my Masters and became the Reading Specialist coaching about 30 teachers in their reading instruction and teaching teachers all over the country in our SFA reading program. 


I was on top of the world. 


I had risen so fast in the education field, but after a few years, I really became frustrated because I was having to focus on classroom management coaching vs. best reading practices. 


An illness brought me out of the school system, but it gave me the opportunity to follow my dream and teach online and become the skyping reading tutor. 


Today I work with students all over the world in Australia, Canada, London, and all over the United States. 


I am able to help kids even with dyslexia close the reading gap and become confident strong readers set up for educational success. 


Being an online reading tutor is my passion.  

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