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Have you Ever Felt Like This?

I know I have felt like this before Skype tutoring was available.

All you want to do is help your child with reading or his/her homework, and they say things like

  1. My teacher didn’t teach it this way

  2. I can’t read it

  3. I have no idea what you are saying

  4. I don’t want to do this

They object, they cry, throw temper tantrums and you often wonder, “If you just stopped complaining, you would have already had it done.”

Has any of you felt this way?

I know I have.

I have three girls, and while two of them do a great job of doing their homework and reading, I have one that gives me a run for my money.

She would rather play than do her homework.

She would rather complain than just get it done.

One of the reasons that our kids complain and fight with us is because the reading is so hard and it is taxing their brain.

They are frustrated, and they feel comfortable letting their frustrations out on us.

But what if you could alleviate the things that are making it difficult for them.

If you know that your child is struggling with reading, then making them read more is going to cause them to go into these tantrums.

However, getting a proper tutor can solve this problem.

I often tell people that I love working with other kids way more than my own because other kids don’t argue, throw tantrums, or procrastinate.

When I get to work with other kids, they just do the activities that I have planned for them.

For me, it is a dream world.

In fact, I have resorted to hiring tutors for one of my kids so that we could bypass the arguments.

It was an amazing experience.

My daughter would come home from school, go on the computer, and get the extra help she needed.

When I was done working I could just focus on hanging out with her as a mom instead of having to argue with her about getting her work done.

We are so blessed to have Skype tutoring available to us today.

No longer do we need to drive and waste precious hours at a tutoring center or someone's house.

I was still working with my students when my daughter was getting help.

I was able to do the things I needed to do, and she was able to do the things she needed to do.

Maybe a Skype reading tutor is a good fit for you.

If so, feel free to contact me on my contact page.

I would love to offer you a free assessment to find out what is hindering your child’s reading success and come up with a plan to make homework time and reading an easier time.

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