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1 Easy Way to Help your Child Not See Reading as a Chore During the Holidays

The decorations are on the tree, carols are playing in the background, and everyone is in the holiday spirit. Kids are not thinking of picking up a book to read and parents are sick of having to remind them to do so.

Ever feel like you are constantly nagging your kid to pick up a book? You are not alone.

What if there was a tool that could make it super simple for you to get your child to read the books that you wrapped under the tree over their break? I know, you may be thinking, "My kid's don't want to read over break, even if I take them to the library." They say things like, "I can't find a good book to read." They moan and groan and you give in. i get it, I have 3 kids of my own.

This is why I have created a tool that will make it super fun for you to motivate your child and inspire them with new ways choosing what to read, where to read, and how to read. It is a game changer because it get's kids thinking In ways that they haven't done before.

Motivate your Child to Read over the Holidays, Even if they Hate Reading

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