7 Things to Do When You are Feeling Down about your Parenting

1. Treat yourself to Starbucks. We all need an opportunity to relax and just enjoy a cup of Joe. 2. Get a manicure or a pedicure. If you are a man, you can try this as well. Heck, it is called a “man – icure.” LOL 3. Remember that no one is perfect. Even the best parents have a bad day, week, or year. 4. Go to bed early. It is o.k. to check out and get the rest that you so rightly deserve. 5. Give yourself permission to not like your child today. We often feel like we always should like our kids. But guess what, sometimes they don’t like us. It is o.k. They might be making choices that don’t make you proud. This situation doesn’t mean that you are not a good parent. It simply

Have you Ever Felt Like This?

I know I have felt like this before Skype tutoring was available. All you want to do is help your child with reading or his/her homework, and they say things like My teacher didn’t teach it this way I can’t read it I have no idea what you are saying I don’t want to do this They object, they cry, throw temper tantrums and you often wonder, “If you just stopped complaining, you would have already had it done.” Has any of you felt this way? I know I have. I have three girls, and while two of them do a great job of doing their homework and reading, I have one that gives me a run for my money. She would rather play than do her homework. She would rather complain than just get it done. One of the

A Struggling Reader's Experience

My very first memory of reading was when I was 5 years old. I was sitting in my living room and we had all of our family over the house for Thanksgiving. I brought out a book and I asked my mom to teach me how to read. Well, I bet you can imagine, she was a little bit busy that day and she said, “no.” I didn’t give up there. I went on to my cousin Cathy and asked her to teach me to read. She was 5 years older than me and she had the same response as my mom. I was heartbroken that no one would teach me how to read. So, I longingly looked at the words in the book wishing that they would somehow jump off of the page and into my brain so that I could hear the story that was written. No one reall

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