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7 Lessons I Learned From Candace Cameron Bure (#2 Is My Favorite)

I have always admired Candace Cameron.

In fact, I feel like I grew up with her on full house.

She had three wacky dads, in a way.

One was a clean freak, another was a musician with great hair, and the other was a comedian.

I loved watching Full House as a kid and now that I am a parent I enjoy watching Fuller House even more with my three daughter's.

But I have to say that I don’t just enjoy the show, I really ADMIRE Candace Cameron and the woman she has become.

1. She is grounded in the word. Bible study has become extremely important for me and the women that I lead.

2. She balances her life as a working mom and a loving wife. Balance is what motivated me to work from home. I wanted to teach, but I also wanted to be present for my kids.

  1. She can dance. I absolutely love dancing. I danced for 8 years as a kid, and today I do Jazzercise 3-5 times a week. Here is an episode of her on Dancing with the Stars.

4. She is modest. Despite what the show wanted to do with her outfits, she refused to wear anything that revealed too much. I admire people that can stand up for what they believe in. It isn’t always easy in this day and age.

5. She is a blogger. Just like me, she blogs on a regular basis.

6. She loves to read. She feels that spending 30 minutes a day reading to learn is more useful than the time she could be spending on social media.

7. She makes sure to eat right. She currently has kicked sugar and flour to the curb because of the way that it makes her feel. I as well have done the same and as a result have recently lost 15 of those beautiful pounds.

Which of these can you relate to the most as a parent? Does one stick out more than the others?

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